Our Vision
Join us at the 8th annual IEEE WIE ILC!

The IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (WIE ILC) aims to support and sustain women leaders and technologists, especially those in mid to senior career. Enhance your leadership skills and knowledge of the tech industry, while networking with 1000+ STEM leaders from around the world.

Conference Tracks

Executive Leadership

Skills for team leadership, team management, team expansion, career management/advancement.

Disruptive Tech & Innovation

Next-generation technology that creates new markets or creates new solutions to challenging problems.


Using living systems or organisms in new medical, agricultural, industrial and environmental technology.



It Starts With Us

Building the post-COVID world with new technology and innovation that help build a more robust and resilient society.

Turning Points

Thriving under the new normal, including skills for managing teams, projects, and careers in the virtual world.

Increasing Inclusion,
Intersectionality Representation

Building equitable workforces and pipelines that encourage diverse workforces that thrive through authenticity and resilience.